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As a result of the rapidly increasing foreclosure rate in the United States, banks and realtors are now responsible for far more real estate than their existing infrastructure can effectively handle. Vacant properties, if not monitored carefully, can experience:

  • Security breaches

  • Catastrophic damage because of roof leaks, storm damage or plumbing disaster

  • Deteriorating appearance which can devastate neighborhoods

  • Undiscovered insect or rodent infestation

  • Local government fines for poor property maintenance

  • Significant civil liability for the property owner

  • Longer times on the market because of property appearance problems

  • Theft and savaging  

These risks can be mitigated through regular onsite visits to the property to identify and reverse problems before they get out of control. Global Express Services, LLC has experienced teams that visit the vacant properties we service at regular intervals to provide inspections and secure the vacant properties to help maintain it's value.