For our commercial clientele, you will see we are the right choice if you are seeking one of the following:

General Contractor                      Design Build Contractor

Commercial Contractor                      High Volume Builder

Construction Manager                       Industrial Contractor


When you become a preservation client of ours, we will be authorized by you to act on your behalf regarding your property. We are not authorized to enter into or commit any agreements outside the scope of our contractual agreement. Working with in our scope is only to meet law enforcement on the scene or at the police stations and sign complaints against any and all offenders accused of any break ins, thefts, acts of vandalism, etc. against your property. We will make all court appearances; keep detail records for each occurrence and send our clients periodic updates and status reports.

Our Primary goal is to give our clients peace of mind and in so doing we are proud to announce our partnerships and collaborations with the community, law enforcement, clergy, various community groups and housing organizations. We hope you will join us in this partnership as we continue to bridge the gap in our efforts to combat some of the issues facing the housing crisis.